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January Features
Start 2021 Off with a Full Body Detox!

January is traditionally a time to reflect on the things in our lives that we may be neglecting and make resolutions to take the proper steps to improve. There is nothing more important to focus on than our health and wellness. We have combined some of our best services to give you the ultimate results on your path to self care and a healthier lifestyle.



It's been a salty year for most and we believe it’s time for a breath of fresh air!


This month, come escape the winter blues with a Halotherapy infrared treatment session in combination with your choice of one of our specialty Foot Soak treatments. Breathe with ease as you inhale microscopic salt particles that provide a deep detox and cleansing throughout the airways and lungs. Halotherapy helps your respiratory system function more efficiently, while providing an abundance of other benefits including but not limited to, improved skin conditions, relief of seasonal allergies, while helping to alleviate stress and anxiety. 

Next, renew your feet with one of our four invigorating Foot Soak Treatments that will truly nourish, hydrate, and soothe your soles. Choose between our Mangosteen Rejuvenating Foot Treatment, Stone Crop Nourishing Foot Treatment, Coconut Ultra Hydrating Foot Treatment, or our CBD Steeped Foot Soak. 


These treatments combined help to detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, and provide a deep state of relaxation. You will leave feeling fully rejuvenated from head to toe. 


Salt and Soak Feature: $100 (Originally $125)


*Includes one 60 minute Foot Soak treatment and one 45 minute Halotherapy infrared treatment. Both services must be scheduled for the same day. Offer valid January 1st - January 31st


When you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside.

This month we have combined our Halotherapy infrared treatment with a Colon Hydrotherapy session to provide a fresh start for the immune system to strengthen and support your overall health. 

Halotherapy helps to clear out your lungs by attacking foreign substances like a sponge, allowing your respiratory system to function with more ease. Not only can halotherapy help your immune system and lung capacity but it can also provide relief for a variety of skin conditions. 

Next, cleanse out unwanted toxins and strengthen your immune system with a Colon Hydrotherapy session. Colonics help you maintain a healthy gut, and with 70% of our immune system located in the gut, it is so important to cleanse out toxins to allow space for healthy bacteria to grow. All while providing a much needed liver cleanse, especially after the holidays. 


Lung and Liver cleanse feature: $125 (Originally $160) **

**Includes one Colon Hydrotherapy session and a 45 minute Halotherapy infrared treatment. Both services must be scheduled for the same day. Offer valid January 1st - January 31st.




The winter months can be harsh on our skin with temperatures constantly changing as we venture from the cold air back into the dry heat.

It draws out moisture from our skin leaving us to deal with dehydration, dry patches, redness, and a dull complexion. Facials help to restore moisture, increase circulation, and revitalize the skin. This month, purchase a Facial package that includes 5 - 60 minute customized Eminence Organic facials and receive a complimentary Eminence Organic peel added on to each of those facials on the house! 

Peels help to even out skin tones, smooth skin, shrink pores, clear congestion, and helps to prevent breakouts. Now during the colder months is the perfect time for an organic peel, as it can do wonders to brighten your complexion and keep your skin feeling refreshed and looking its best. 


Facial Bootcamp Feature: $400 (Originally $525) 

***Includes 5 - 60 minute facials with 5 Eminence Organic peel add-ons, one per facial. Facial Bootcamp Feature must be purchased during the month of January to receive this feature, but can be scheduled for a later time to use.




Combine the healing benefits of a massage with the restorative properties of Leef Organics Revive CBD balm and feel your tension begin to melt away. Helping to fight off inflammation, this balm is the perfect add-on to incorporate into your massage, giving sore, achy muscles and joints some much needed pain relief. It can help with a variety of ailments including, arthritic pain, sore muscles, cramps, topical skin irritations, and swelling. 

Muscle Recovery Massage Add-On Feature: $15 (In addition to the cost of massage)

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