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   Spring Features are here!!!

Spring Is The Time For Detoxing & Renewal!


Healing Hands Spring Features are available beginning March 1st, 2023 through May 31st , 2023. 





Evoke the essence of spring with a Wild Orange Aromatherapy massage. 


Wild orange has a strong, sweet citrus aroma that will invigorate your senses and help you feel uplifted and re-energized. This is also a very beneficial way to enhance your mood, increase awareness and calm feelings of anxiety if you are currently detoxing and or feel you are lacking energy.


Wild Orange Aromatherapy can be added on to any Massage for an additional $6











Find relief from seasonal allergies and breathe with ease in our Halotherapy & Infrared Sauna booth! Not only is our booth a place to rest, relax, and recharge, but salt therapy also helps relieve allergy symptoms, decreases inflammation and detoxes the entire respiratory system. 


So come rest, meditate, or read a book in this wellness sanctuary while breathing your way to better health! 


Add on a Halotherapy & Infrared Sauna session to any of our other services and receive $10 off your total. 













This facial will heal and restore dull winter skin with organic products, detoxifying facial massage, clear quartz crystal mask and carnelian crystal facial roller, leaving you with a radiant healthy glow!


Facial includes:

Cleansing, steam towels, extractions, exfoliation, detoxifying facial massage, peel, masque, hand and arm massage, cooling ice globes and finishing products with crystal tools and ending with a refreshing cup of lemon lime detox spa water.


90 Minute Spring Detox Facial- $150















It’s time to shed the density of winter for a lighter, brighter and more refreshed you!


According to ancient wisdom, the liver renews itself in springtime, and benefits the most from our efforts to cleanse it during this season. It is a time of renewal and rebirth, which is the best time for a liver detox!

Eating healthy, drinking plenty of fresh water, cleaning out the colon and receiving a coffee enema infusion can kickstart a year of the healthiest you! 


Come in for a colonic with a coffee enema add-on and receive a pH balancing cup of lemon lime-infused water. 


Colon Hydrotherapy Session with Coffee Enema add-on: $130













Reinvigorate your soles with our luxurious springtime foot soak treatment. 


Breathe in the calming scents of vetiver and lavender as your feet soak in a warm basin of detoxing French Grey and Epsom salts, then slip into a state of relaxation as you enjoy a soothing hand and arm massage with a floral cream. Next, your feet and legs will be exfoliated with a gardenia flower sugar scrub and a lava stone followed by a soothing Arnica Chamomile Masque. Your treatment will finish with a geranium, lavender, and orange heel balm with vitamin E to nourish any dry spots and followed by hot stones massaged on your legs and placed between your toes. 


This treatment will have you soaking in all the springtime vibes and leave feeling completely uplifted and rejuvenated. 


60 Minute Springtime Foot Soak Treatment: $75







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