Indulge In All Things Winter 




Escape the cold with our winter foot soak that will be sure to awaken your senses, soothe your soles, and evoke a warm glass of mulled wine. You

will be surrounded with the comforting essence of cinnamon, fruits, and spices as your feet soak in the warmth of Pink Himalayan sea salts and Passion oil by DoTerra. After soaking, your feet will be pampered with Eminence Organic's Cranberry Pomegranate sugar scrub followed by a rich layer of Eminence's Raspberry Pore Refining Masque and then wrapped up in warm towels. A cream infused with Passion oil will be massaged onto your arms, hands, and feet. As your treatment comes to an end, you will be finished off with hot stones between your toes for the ultimate winter send off. This soak will leave you relaxed, warmed, and rekindled joy for the season!

                                                                                      60 Minute Winter Foot Soak Treatment: $75 (massage or reflexology)








Come in from the cold and experience the ultimate relaxation with our winter Hot Stone Facial. This facial includes all of the steps of a traditional 60 minute Eminence Organic Facial (cleansing, extraction, exfoliation, masque, massage and finishing products), but now with some super relaxing additions you won't want to miss! We have added a hot stone facial massage, finishing cold stones, and soothing warm oil scalp massage. Add in the cozy room with dimmed lights, soft music, and heated table and this 75 minute service becomes the dreamiest winter facial that will leave you with and absolutely radiant glow!

75 Minute Hot Facial: $100












Couples Sauna

Cozy up with a loved one and treat yourselves to an unforgettable experience in our Halotherapy and infrared sauna booth. Enjoy soothing music while experiencing the healing benefits of salt therapy in this serene atmosphere. Sit back and relax as you breathe in therapeutic salt particles infused in the air, drawing out impurities, killing microbes, and reducing inflammation in the respiratory system. Feel temperatures rise as the infrared sauna heats up your body's core to eliminate toxins. This session includes chromotherapy (light therapy) to bring balance to your body and mind. All stresses will melt away as you both leave feeling well rested and completely relaxed. 

 45 Minute Couples Sauna & Salt Booth Session" $50 (valued at $80)



















Winter Colonics

It's that time of year when we fell the added stress of the holidays from all the delicious treats and goodies. which can put a huge toll on our digestive system. It can be hard to navigate New Year's  resolutions of putting your health first if you haven't begun to properly cleanse your colon from years of build up, which could be holding you back from a fresh start.


Our Open System Colon Hydrotherapy sessions provide a private and comfortable treatment along with the assistance of a certified  Colon Hydrotherapist on call to help make you feel at ease while you are here. Colonics cleanse out unwanted toxins while beginning to break down those years of toxic build up. They help strengthen the immune system, increase energy, metabolism, relieve bloating, constipation, skin conditions and are truly a great way  of providing health and well-being to your entire body!



Winter Colonic Sessions: $85 (originally $110)