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Our Spring Features are here!!!
Healing Hands Spring Features run from March 1st, 2024 through May 31st, 2024. Call now to schedule! 




Spring is one of the best times of the year to add a peel to your facial treatment! 


The winter months can be detrimental to your skin, leaving it dry and wrinkled from the harsh winds and cold temperatures. 


Eminence Organic Skincare has a peel for all skin types, with no downtime, that will leave you with a beautiful, glowing complexion! 


Add on a facial peel to any 45, 60 or 75 min facial for $20! 


As an added bonus, any client that adds a peel during their treatment will be entered into a raffle to win an Eminence Arctic Berry Peel & Peptide Illuminating System Kit! (Valued at $139!)











This treatment begins by soaking your soles in a warm basin of soothing oatmeal mixed with French Gray salts, Epsom salts and topped with fresh lemon zest. 


Throughout this treatment your hands and arms will be massaged with the hydrating lotion and fresh scent of stonecrop which will also be used during your choice of foot massage or reflexology. 


Your senses will be invigorated with the refreshing scent of a lemongrass exfoliating scrub which will be applied to the legs and feet to remove dry skin, followed by a soothing arnica and chamomile masque, then wrapped in a heated towel to seal in the moisture. 


Your treatment will finish with an incredibly moisturizing shea peppermint heel balm as well as hot stones massaged on the legs and feet and then placed in between your toes. 


60 minute Soothed & Revived Springtime Foot Soak $85 












Before your massage, check-in or tag us on social media with either a post or story before your session, show a receptionist and receive a complimentary aromatherapy of your choice to enjoy during your massage! 















Spring is on its way, making right now the perfect time to release the toxins that have been stored in our bodies from the winter months. 


This detox feature begins with a Halotherapy & Infrared Sauna session, helping your muscles warm up and get your blood flowing along with detoxing the lungs to help clear out airborne pollutants that can cause health problems in the lungs. 


Afterwards, you will receive the healing of a deep bowel cleansing with a Colon Hydrotherapy session to get rid of old fecal matter and hard to release plaque from your colon. 


Lastly, give your liver a boost with a coffee enema, which also can help remove free radicals from the bloodstream. Many people feel rejuvenated after a coffee enema, especially when following a colonic treatment. 


This Spring, book a 20 minute Halotherapy & Infrared Sauna session, Colon Hydrotherapy session and a coffee enema add on for $140 to get your body healthier and ready for the year ahead!




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