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   Fall  Features are here!!!

It’s time to get cozy & relax with our Fall Features!


Fall Features are available starting September 1st through November 30th, 2023. 


Call now to schedule! 





Our Repair & Revive Massage targets problematic areas to provide relief for aching joints, sore muscles and inflammation. Using a luxurious blend of therapeutic oils including lavender, cedarwood, sandalwood, and peony mixed with the healing power of CBD creates an atmosphere of relaxation so you can unwind and fully feel revived with your choice of light, medium or deeper pressure throughout your massage. 


This massage will take your healing to a whole new level as you experience the benefits of its calming and powerful effects long after the massage ends! 


60 Minute Repair & Revive Massage: $110


90 Minute Repair & Revive Massage: $140 









Everyday we are exposed to toxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and stress. A great way to support the body’s innate healing system and restore balance is with a Halotherapy & Infrared Sauna session while sipping on refreshing lemon water! 


The benefits of a Halotherapy & Infrared Sauna session include releasing toxins while also providing muscle recovery, pain relief, immune support, improved circulation and respiratory health! While drinking Lemon water will help you stay hydrated, provide a healthy dose of vitamin C and Potassium all while aiding in digestion and improving mental health! 


Come in for a Halotherpay & Infrared Sauna session during our Fall Features and receive a complimentary glass of lemon water to enjoy during your session!












#skincareproducts #trendingskincare #glowingskin


With so many social media posts dedicated to skincare and what's hot for fall, we thought we would create an amazing facial treatment designed with the tools and products most talked about and highly trending for the season! 


The highlighted products in this treatment include alternative retinol products, mushroom products, lip masque, LED Light therapy and a crystal facial roller to help promote lymphatic drainage. This facial also includes a cleansing, warm towel steam, extractions, exfoliation, masque, serum, eye cream and moisturizer along with an incredibly relaxing hand, arm, and scalp massage. 


So treat yourself to our luxurious and relaxing Fall Trending Facial for bright and beautiful skin!


75 Minute Fall Trending Facial: $125 












As the seasons change and cooler months start to settle in, now is the time to focus on renewing our immune systems in order to prepare for the months that lay ahead! 


Seasonal cleansing is a great way to keep our system on track while eliminating toxins that may have been stored from summer foods, so we can begin to prepare ourselves for heartier meals to digest. In doing so, this will help us reap the benefits of a stronger immune system in order to help us fight off unwanted threats during the season. 


As part of our Fall Features, when you come in for a Colon Hydrotherapy Session you will receive a FREE Lemon Essential Oil Dram. This is beneficial to add to your water in the mornings to help alkalize your body, promote healthy digestion and make it easier for your immune system to keep itself healthy during the colder months!









Indulge yourself with our fall inspired Pumpkin & Chai Tea Foot Soak Treatment! 


Your feet will begin by soaking in a warm basin infused with Chai Tea, detoxifying salts and grounding spices topped with cinnamon sticks. 


Throughout this treatment you will be pampered with a pumpkin foot mask, exfoliating pumpkin foot scrub and pumice stone as well as a divinely scented pumpkin lotion which will be massaged onto your hands and arms as well as applied during your choice of foot massage or reflexology. 


This treatment is sure to soothe your soles and keep you grounded all season long!


60 Minute Pumpkin Chai Foot Soak: $80







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