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All About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a holistic form of medical treatment used in bringing restoration, healing, and balance to the body. Known for its ability to treat a variety of different ailments, Acupuncture aims to target the root of the problem in order to relieve symptoms throughout the entire body. At the beginning of your session, a tongue and pulse diagnosis will take place in order to assess and devise a personalized treatment plan. Along with your Acupuncture treatment, techniques such as cupping, gua sha, nutritional therapy, tuning forks, ear seeds and acupressure may be incorporated as a means in aiding alongside your healing journey. 

Acupuncture Pricing

Returning visits build upon the progress made from your initial session. However, depending on your specific condition and healing process will determine the frequency of treatments recommended.

90 Minute Initial Visit: $140

90 Minute Return Visit: $125

60 Minute Return Visit: $100 

Package Pricing

3 - 60 minute visits - $250

3 - 90 minute visits - $325

Meet our Acupuncturist

Kasey Smith is a Licensed Acupuncturist in the state of Pennsylvania, certified by the Pennsylvania State Board of Medicine. She received her Doctorate in Acupuncture Studies from the Won Institute of Graduate Studies. She is especially interested in chronic pain and stress management, digestive health, women’s health and is also certified in Cupping and Gua Sha! 

More about Kasey: 


‘I grew up within a family that emphasized a reverence for nature and our place within it. This included an understanding and use of natural healing modalities, and a holistic view of the self which aligns well with the Eastern Medicine I am now practicing.

Before studying acupuncture I studied philosophy and psychology at Moravian University, and went on to receive my MA in Environmental Policy from Lehigh University. I am also a certified yoga instructor and have enjoyed teaching yoga, meditation, and qigong for several years.


I am continuously fascinated by the many years of wisdom inherent in the practice of acupuncture. The relief I found through acupuncture myself for several reasons including pain and anxiety was reminiscent of the relief I found through hiking or meditation, which encouraged me to study it further. The study of acupuncture provided me an avenue for healing which I am grateful to be able to walk down with others.’

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