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For Your Benefit


Drink plenty of water after your massage to rinse out the toxins and prevent soreness.


If soreness occurs after a massage, ice the area approximately for 5 minutes at a time.


We have a large staff who bring varying styles to the services they provide. We always encourage our clients to try different practitioners so that they may find a practitioner that meets their needs.

For the comfort and safety of our clients, all massage tables are hydraulic to allow the therapist to adjust the height of the table with ease.


If anything is uncomfortable, distracting, or not to your liking, please communicate this to your practitioner (pressure, music, pillows, temperature, etc.).

Each treatment room is equipped with Spotify which offers a wide variety of music choices. You may request certain music to be played during your session. 

Both Colon Hydrotherapy rooms are equipped with Netflix which can be viewed during your session.

For a total wellness experience, you can create your perfect relaxing escape by grouping multiple services together. For example, try our Halotherapy booth prior to your massage  to loosen your muscles for your practitioner to be able to provide you with the best massage possible. You can also try a foot soak following your massage for the perfect transition back to reality while still relaxing. 

Feedback is always appreciated; You can contact the owner, Jennifer A. Burns at 610.882.4325 and/or fill out a comment card found in our main lobby. 

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